NewTek Lie

by IgNiTiOn CoDe

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released December 7, 2012



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IgNiTiOn CoDe Italy

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Track Name: NewTek Lie
bring me newtek
newtek lie
chapter 1 uranium absorbs a neutron
1934 is the first fission
I can remember cannot forget
like the beginning of the end
is not a godsend
this is my weakness
moved by subjection to lie
this is my death wish
bring me (to improve the existence)
newtek (for our self-salvation)
newtek (to kill the voice of conscience)
lies (for our self-destruction)
chapter 2 compression in the unstable nucleus
is an awesome risk but justified one
1986 every rule of safety
has been violated this is the end
is not a godsend
this isn't a godsend
overheating in the core
of the reactor n°4
Track Name: Nothing Left
steel rain fell from the sky
I was there when everything went dark
I remember the despair
was clear in their eyes bleeding fear
the gears of the machine are set in motion
nothing can stop it the war begins
we are the rain that falls on our world
This is war for freedom
there is nothing left alive
This is our world
Track Name: Organic Program Failure
flexibility of an oppressed mind
flexibility of an oppressed life
shadows face their weakness
it is aware the mind that planned all this
the pendulum keeps on swinging
between truth and lie
only to create chaos and plaint
shadows face their anger
it is unaware the mind
that has allowed all this
why do we always want to dig in the past
‘cause we always want to breathe the mud
all this can't be entrust all this to a man
he's too weak to decrypts codified signs
the pressure is too strong
it is so far-off but closer and closer
you are waiting for the ruling
you are waiting
the organic should be placed apart
Track Name: The Illusion Of The Observable
now everything is the result of a variable
the odds in favor the way to control the chaos
the unfavorable constant
any choices lead to the split
between right and wrong at the same time
now you cannot choose
you try to chase your life
predicting your future
thinking that you decide
your life isn't in your hands
the choice was made
Everything you want to achieve
is only the illusion of being alive
this is my choice there is no choice for you
no choice for you your life is in my hands
there is no choice no choice for you
Track Name: M.S.P.
The fake is wrapped with his crime
thoughts are damaged
The negative feedback has life The protest
The Mech-Spherical project is going to fall
The project is overloaded
The fake is overloaded
The pawns are falling
The chessboard white blanks
Are indelible red
Why do you pay heed to your brain
You can’t fight
Lies and abuse
The Mech-Spherical project has fallen
Lies and abuse
You have choked the primal breath
Why did you pay heed to your brain
Now You can’t fight
The negative feedback has dissolved
The silence
The Mech-Spherical project has fallen
You can’t come back
To tidy things up
But you don’t care this
Track Name: Human B.P.M.
you are the evolution of a combination
handled with care to obey
illness generated by yourself
for your self-destruction
you feel the obsession of comfort
you need to know why
you are in front of your end
the sentence is given
you’re walking on a loosen thread
searching the way in the wall of nothingness
in the life trap
you reborn from the machine
the human b.p.m. is dead
like a mother generated to outwear
it takes care of you to feed
to feed your death
the dehumanization is in progress
unconsciously oxygenated
electricity is your only feeding
electricity is your own flesh
completely dominated by a software to stay alive
the human b.p.m. is dead
Track Name: Biological Prospect
you are on the edge of the battlefield
only thinking about the fun you find here
a prospect studied in details a biological interna ruin
you breathe the poison of your kings
you kill them one by one
you make perfect the pandemic death
you have all the time you need
infinite is outlined by
empty uncontaminated
the eyes of dust surround you
caging your natural existance
the implosion in the nucleus
make sure their rests forever
the self-destruction
is in place destroy yourself
to uproot your sickness
Track Name: Mikro Kid
c'mon what are you waiting for
you try to lock in yourself
the letdown of a plan
send to a higher mind
the micro kid inside you try to
complain to struggle to feed himself
too many deaths due to an encroaching
and dark research
noiseless is the noise one breathes
past is full of future
opposite poles are full loaded
failures rule you
you give rest to your mind through another life
our only reincarnation is decomposition in worms
embarrassing is the flavoring hiding our mind
our presence is linked to a long
unsolved equation on this small gaming table
you breathe their toxic clouds
you need more information
exhaustive details
what are you waiting for
their are pooling against you
this package is going to be exhausted
and thrown away
c'mon what are you waiting for
Track Name: GameGear
Damnation of creation for human's sacrifice
we lost our time to give pleasure to our mind
like pawns without thoughts we bless our gods
we bless our gods fats from our pain
like pawns we bless our gods
the organic shadows saved from probation
switch off through weak's blood
game gear gets lubrification
the whole game degrades our visual
all the hate increases their pleasure
and all these prayers
like a true insult they fuck men
like a true insult they fuck men’s prayers
Track Name: The Silent Judge
'cause I am not able to react to these lies
imprinted in my mind
they live in the most hidden and dark part of my brain
sick and out of control
I'm surrendering to my mistakes
because I can not forget these codes
they are everywhere the sentence for evil
the silent judge without control
I'm surrendering to my mistakes
and everything is inside my mind
the memories burn the ice freezes all of my fucking mind
all the memories inside me freeze
my eyes burn all of my fucking minds burns
I see you my mistake Inside me
the silent judge